So simple, everything intentional. To create a high-quality foot protector based on decades of experience, Sole Saver designed from the heart. A tool built to remove unnecessary strain, so you can do your work efficiently.

A foundation for your foot. The stainless steel curved for the perfect fit for any boot. It provides support to the bottom of your boot.

Exceptional functionality. Designed perfectly with the consideration for the one who uses it. Work more efficiently than ever.

A great partnership. The ultimate combination and experience for your hard-working days.

Like a HAMMER on your boot.

Patent Pending

Providing the industry with a no-gimmick effective solution.

-Sole Saver


Words to live by.


Sole saver, made by a professional, for the professional.
Sam, the inventor, is a professional irrigator providing irrigation services for over 20+ years.

Sole Saver

We are here to help you achieve maximum efficiency in your work day.

Made by a professional for the professional...

The Sole Saver was invented by a 20+ year irrigation professional.
After many years of digging and boot after boot, damage caused by the shovel tip, Sam, the inventor, has produced a product that helps anyone on a shovel dig faster, easier and faster.

The Sole Saver not only protects the bottom of your boot from ripping and tearing apart. It also saves your foot from unnecessary pain.

“Saving One Sole At A Time.” -Sole Saver

Crafted with precision

Designed and fitted by an irrigation professional.

It just works!

Just like Mac computers, it just works.

No Brainer

The word’s from our customers. “NO BRAINER”

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Want it tomorrow?

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We are currently available on Amazon Canada and the USA, UK and Australia will be available soon.



What is your warranty?
1-year full replacement if any defects are found.
How do I order?
For the USA and Canada, all online orders are fulfilled Amazon prime.  UK, Europe and Australia Amazon prime are coming soon.
How durable is this product?
The product was in development for two years to reach optimum quality. The durability of the product is tried tested and true. Our testing phases for six months of hardcore trenching has not caused any damage to the product.
When using the Sole Saver, does the unit slip?
Not at all!! Think of it as a hammer in the hands of a framer. How many times does a professional framing miss a nail on the head? 10-15 minutes of use will give you the confidence to smash on the shovel all day long.
How does it feel when wearing it all day long?
It feels great, very comfortable and great to leave on. Sole Saver comes standard with a curved heavy-duty buckle.
How does it fit?
Sole Saver fits on most standard boots as well as rubber rain boots. Not only does it fit nicely, but it also hugs your boot.
Sole Saver has an adjustable locking elastic webbing explicitly designed for Sole Saver and fits all boot sizes. Tested in: water, mud, snow, below sub-zero temps.
What type of metal is it?
Sole Saver uses stainless steel. Will not RUST.
Why should I use this tool?
Sole Saver was created by an industry professional to protect his employee's boots due to the frequent replacement as the bottom of the boot rips and punctures. Save costs on buying new boots! -30% more efficient  -Dig easier -Dig faster -Less strain and pain Save sole's!

Added benefit: Sole Saver's durable construction and shape will keep the foot firmly in place. No more sliding back and forth, causing sore feet. Due to the foot sliding around in the boots, constant friction will cause foot temperature to rise, causing sore feet. Sole Saver eliminates sliding.
Will the unit make me look cool?
Two words, Conversation Piece.

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We are currently available on Amazon Canada and the USA, UK and Australia will be available soon.

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Working with like minded professionals all across the globe, saving One Sole at a time...